Rock The Gear or Skinned Alive!


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Just picked up a Draggin kevlar shirt locally for $50....worn only a couple of times. The more protection the better.

As a wise man once said...."don't dress for the ride....dress for the crash"
Good sentiment - I've always found it easier to say "don't dress for the ride, dress for the slide" - it's catchier :thumbup:


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Total respect to Brittany, what an amazing girl, have shared it with my daughter who is learning to ride. I bought her all the gear but I think sometimes looking good comes before being safe, this video should show her that anything but everything is nothing. Thanks for sharing.


Awesome video! :thumbup::thumbup:When people give me a hard time about gearing up in the summer I tell them I'm not as hot in my gear as I would be on the pavement. Besides I get plenty of airflow and it keeps me from being sunburned. I have a Tourmaster 2 piece suit, Held gloves, Sidi boots, and a Speed & Strength full face helmet. I do want to get a nicer helmet later, but haven't found one that I like the design as much as mine...:Flash:


Thanks for a great video.
Glad she is able to live a relatively able life and keep on riding. Very cool how she's doing the best thing you can, educate others!

All the gear all the time all the way!


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If you don't plan on crashing, why wear the gear, right?

I think people who don't wear gear are actually so fearful of crashing that they can't even acknowledge the possibility.

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YES! All The Gear, All The Time. I now never ride without it. The one time I went down (lowside) I had everything on except my jacket. BIG MISTAKE, I've got a shoulder and forearm with scars to show my stupidity. Only other scar was on my left knee which came from me hitting the fairing. Thicker riding pants would have precluded that as well. I had on heavy duty jeans that had only one rip in them. Helmet (full face) was all scratched up, SO GLAD I ride with a full face helmet.


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Is this a record for the revival of the oldest thread? :oops:

Good video though, can't say the same for the paint job on the bike!