~~~ What did you do to your Bike Today Thread??? ~~~

After 36000 km/22300 mi (the bike has a total of 76000 km/47200 mi) the OEM chain gave out, this pic was taken after cleaning and trying to get the link to unbind. Since there are a couple of other links whose mobility I'm not happy with either, a new set is going in.

Maintenance; Spotty at best :D
Lube; Valvoline white synthetic
Cleaning agents; Petroleum and toothbrush



Go Naked- Its liberating
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cables and chain lube day -first ride in a week, back to the daily commute tomorrow


It's all good!
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Oh boy, where do I start?

1 - New timing chain and guides, checked valve lash and set valve timing
2 - Rebuilt front and rear master cylinders
3 - Painted and installed a new FZ1 bar (old one was bent in a zero mph drop)
4 - Installed new clutch cable
5 - Installed G2 Throttle Tamer with -10% cam

To be done
1 - Install Fumoto oil drain valve
2 - Mount and balance new Metzler M7rrs
3 - Install Morimoto LED bulbs
4 - Ride ride ride ride .........