1. R

    Need Help What is there to know when buying a new Ecu and ignition for 20006 fz6?

    I have purchased a 2006 FZ6 motor by itself and am uncertain about the compatibility of buying an ECU and ignition system from different motorcycles. And if it is a compatibility problem with the 2006 model is there a way to "hack" the code? Or jailbreak the ignition to work with my ECU? I...
  2. B

    How To Pair red key to new ECU

    Hi everyone, So I bought a FZ6 S2, the dash and tacho wasn’t working because the previous owner had put in a different ECU because he bought as a none runner and used a ECU from another Yamaha to prove it was a ECU fault. I’ve bought a new ECU, 4S8-8591A-00-00 I believe to be the correct...
  3. JMF

    Need Help [SOLVED] Error 1 & Error 12: No start, weird sound.

    Well, I am in need of some advice. I am only moderately mechanically minded so I feel that I have checked the things that I know how to check, and could use some pointers in the right directions. I am getting this audible electric/clicking sound coming from the ignition/dash area when...
  4. B

    FZ6 - Fueling Issue, Potential ECU Failure

    Hello Folks, I try to keep away from posting unless I think it either A) is a new problem (which is rare, I know) or B) provides value to the existing pool of information. I'll try to keep it to the facts so here's the story. FZ6 w/ ~30k miles. Normally stored outdoors, but garaged this...
  5. W

    FZ6-S2 ABS Fuel/Plugs/Coil issue

    Hi, I feel like a complete leech but you guys are the absolute number 1 place to come for these bikes, I've used it for years now; so even if you can't help, thanks. I have a: 2008 FZ6-S2 ABS 27000 miles, not done valve clearance. Kept outside, no cover ( I know) in South England weather Mon...
  6. K

    Fz6s2 2009

    Hello guys. I am looking for ecu bin file from USA without immo. My bike is yamaha fazer fz6s2 2009. Is there anyone who would like to share ecu bin file with me ?? I have problem with my one and I need to compare with another one.
  7. M

    2008 S2 ECU Required

    These things are like hens teeth, anyone know where I can source a second hand 4S8-8591A-00 Euro spec?? Have called every breaker in the land, new runs at over £700 and I ain't paying that!
  8. B

    2007 Stolen, Electrical Problems

    Hey all, Had a pretty bad week last week and had my beloved 2007 FZ6 stolen but recovered last week. Some homeless folks cut the main ingition switch harness and tried to joy ride but couldnt get it going and gave up... not before they replaced my battery with an incorrect hunk of junk and...
  9. C

    Booster Plug - 2008 FZ6n

    Hi, I've had my FZ6 since Sept 2018, I have come to love this bikes handling and power, one thing that was bothering me was the throttle's abruptness at low speeds and also when cutting the throttle off in a corner and then back on which results in a bit of a surge, very unsettling in tight...
  10. A

    Fault Code 33

    Hoping to sort out this issue, Initially a none running bike. Side stand wiring issue sorted and ran. Produced intermittent failure on 1st and 4th cylinders. Ran the on board diagnostics with two fault codes in history. 22 and 33. Diagnostics test ok on 22 (Air intake sensor) history cleared...
  11. trepetti

    Anyone interested in ECU Tuning for the FZ6?

    There is a well-respected tuning house near me in Congers NY that has had documented success in ECU tuning. Ivan's Performance Products (Ivan's Performance Products) has tunes available for many bikes, but not the FZ6. I spoke to the company today and they say the demand is not there to develop...
  12. J

    Fz6 s2 ECU

    Hi everyone, Wanted to see if anyone has ever replaced an fz6 ECU? I am buying it from partszilla new for a lot cheaper than its sold locally here in Costa Rica. Does anyone know if it comes with the red key and if its needed? Many thanks.
  13. M

    sputter exhaust sound while maintaining speed

    Hello all. I tried searching but not much people talking about this issue. Mine is 2005 model, everything is stock except the exhaust with straight pipes mod and CAT removed. It accelerates and run fine. But while maintaining constant speed or slight deacceleration the exhaust sound sputters...
  14. H

    Error Code 33 - Replace ECU?

    Hi gents Posting here for the first time because my 2007 FZ6-S2 started showing error code 33 and it has been tricky to resolve. Symptoms / Causes: I'm still able to start my bike and ride. However only able to ride distances below 12 - 14km. If I ride any distance beyond 12 to 14km, bike...
  15. FinalImpact

    Official Yamaha EFI training videos

    The basics of how Yamaha implemented EFI on many models. There is some new information for some and for others these videos support what we have learned over the years... Yamaha EFI Yamaha EFI Yamaha fuel injector testing Yamaha fuel injector testing Thank over on for...
  16. B

    fz6 ecu

    I think Ive got a bad ecu on my 2009 fz6. I was wondering if anyone knew if the fz6 and fz6r ecu's were the same. thanks
  17. FinalImpact

    ECUnleashed promo code

    Its a bit late now but I found this in the spam folder. That said, last year they extended it a full month so all of December was covered. If they do it again I'll update. Not that anyone left with an FZ wants to hotrod it... lol (Paste email) ---------- Forwarded message ----------...
  18. Toothless

    Exhaust Systems

    Hey guys, my name is Chris. I had a couple of questions for you guys. I am planning on getting a catless mid pipe as well as a slip on exhaust system for my FZ6. My question is if I do get those things will my ECU be able to handle the shift in back pressure without causing harm to my bike, or...
  19. S

    F/S: 2005 Factory ECU

    Stock ECU (Engine Control Unit) Removed from a 2005 Model. Part is in excellent physical condition and functions properly. Part Number: 5VX-8591A-20-00 Factory MSRP: $578.33 Asking $45 o.b.o (Price includes shipping to the lower 48 states via USPS small flat-rate box) Thank you for...
  20. D

    need for reset of the ECU when installing a Mivv slip on exhaust

    Hi guys. I have read several places that when disconnecting the battery will reset the ECU which will provide a "better" adjustment of the fuel/air ratio. however i would like to know if this is true and if the resetting is permanent? later on i am going to get the powercommander installed on a...