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  • Nah not the ones im after mate but I do like the look of that thing , wolf70c just found the one I wanted but thanks for trying :thumbup: This is what I was after
    Thanks Cliff, I had a great B'day and up till now the new year is treating me good aswell.
    Hi Cliff,
    I've been swallowed up by my life. My poor bike has sat for most of the year, barely ridden. So sad. It's awfully nice of you to give me a shout. I've been meaning to get back into the forum...

    Ride safe and have a great t-day!
    You're welcome! Thanks for being such a great guy! :) Someday Jeff and I will make it out your way and we can meet in person.
    Thanks for that rep man! Let's ride soon! I did Palomar this weekend, late afternoon Saturday. There were 3 bikes at most on the mountain. Great for practicing!
    haha both of us shipped the parts to each other yesterday via UPS, so they should cross path in the middle of the US and get to each destinations the same day :)
    I'll let you know next time we go down there, but it'll be sooner than later... have fun today my friend.
    yeah and they can get the bike to run for ****! :)

    Depends on when the parts get here... I hope they get here this week still so I can get the bike done this wkd and go ride with you the wkd after that :) Will be in touch.
    lol thanks bro :) btw, what I meant when I wrote "we'll give you the Suzuki" is the Suzuki in MotoGP, since they're doing so poorly (was not referring to your bike) :D
    Cliff, you're needed to hopefully translate something on the "Rossi confirmed at Ducati" thread..... :D

    I'm hoping you are fluent in Italian - Vale has a handwritten note to Ducati - I can't translate :(
    Thanks for the rep mate. I'm a horrible little BTW, that profile pic almost looks 3D Looks sweet!
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