1. D

    Need Help FZ6 Fix/Rebuild To FZ6N

    Howdy Folks! Long time Rider & Reader, First time Poster A Bit about my situation: I bought an FZ6 (2004) back in 2017. It had some light work done, but it ran great and I loved it. I've had a ton of fun with it, and never had any real issues. Near the End of this summer (2020) some folks...
  2. P

    Buying guide?

    Hi all, Hopefully I'm going to buy my first 600 ride, an FZ6N-S2, next Monday. I already saw the bike, but didn't look at it closer, although it looked to be in mint condition. Apart from the usual stuff (brakes, handling, lights, engine sound) what should I check on the bike before buying...
  3. A

    FZ6N Clip-on and rearset mod reccomendations

    New to the forums: Looking to get new rearsets and clip-ons for my 2006 FZ6N that will give a lower riding posture something that wont break the bank. Thank you!
  4. S

    2006 FZ6N Display Problem

    Hey everyone! New member here! Ive been trying to do some research to find answers regarding to my problem, but have come up empty handed. I have a 2006 FZ6N. The display quit working a few days ago. It just started fading out and within a day quit working all together. Now the only thing it...
  5. S

    Location of indicators flashing relay fz6n 2007

    Hi all Sorry I am assuming this has been answered but I can't find an answer for my fz6n '07 Australia. Is it under the fuel tank? Some pics below. I also took one (the rest tinted one) of boxes relevealed under the left side cowling. Would LOVE to know what I'll need to install led...
  6. P

    Fz6n 2004 won't start

    Hi guys, I've changed the oil + oil filter on my 2004 FZ6. Nothing else. She got 2.8 liters, as per the manual. Warmed up the bike, and did the job. Once done, the bike wouldn't start. Ignition on -> dashboard comes to life -> fuel pump cycles -> lights on -> Start button -> bike starts...
  7. Z

    The ultimate FZ6N video

  8. Z

    My 2nd time with FZ6N on track

    On track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv3Z9PlNm7Q Also hit the gravelbed once: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guYCtlPXM9w
  9. gulfpete

    any 04 fz6n motors around?

    Hi, I just bought a 04 fz6n fairly cheap as it has a knock in the motor. Pulled it apart and found the crankshaft has a slight wobble in it, a small crack in the casing near the clutch too. Figure the cheapest and easiest way to get it on the road is another motor, I don't know what year models...
  10. FredFZ6N

    My FZ6N

    Just though I would post my first one...here is my 2008 FZ6N... few mods still to come.
  11. A

    Finding a small windscreen for the naked FZ6N S2 2007

    In the UK where I'm from- for someone under 24 and with little experience bikes above 94bhp are off limits ( something called a A2 license is needed even to ride a 47bhp bike). In the US I understand the Fazer (2004 on) is 98bhp however here it is 90bhp- so it is perfect for me ( I would need to...
  12. A

    Stolen (now recovered) Bike FZ6N Conversion

    Hey everyone, I've been through these threads for a while now. I know everything is mostly old, but it is still super helpful. Recently my FZ6 was stolen and the meth head busted it all up. Ripped the mirrors and all lights off (yes, ripped off, a screw driver or wrench was not used)...
  13. C

    Convertion to fz6n. Need kit.

    Doing a 2008 fz6s-fz6n conversion. Can anyone recommend where to get a good complete kit? Ideally would like to have fz1, fz8, fz9 headlights but I realize that would require some modification to fit it and it's being done by a dealership not me. Is there still anywhere to get the vs1 kit? Or...
  14. E

    Fz6 S2 fuel tank question

    Hello all I plan on getting a tank cover for the bike, a bagster one, I was looking on ebay and found one but it says that the cover is only for the naked S2 models, I'm pretty sure the fuel tanks are the same size?? from looking at pictures they look the same, but if anyone can shed any...
  15. F

    Removing triple tree clamp? (2009 FZ6N)

    I'm trying to see if I can install these clip-ons on my 2009 FZ6N, but I need to remove the triple tree clamp. I've removed the big nut and two pinch bolts on the sides, but it doesn't seem to wanna budge. Tried some light tapping with a rubber mallet from below too. Have I missed something?
  16. N

    Hello from Boston!! Fz6n

    Hey guys. Checking in from Boston. 2005 fz6n conversion. 40k stock daily work
  17. W

    Newbie from Sydney

    Hi All, I look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from all of you. I'm from Sydney and i'm rolling on a yellow fz6n 2008 Cheers!
  18. T

    Chasing a fuel pump assembly for 05 FZ6N

    Hey all, I have a 2005 FZ6N and I broke the fuel outlet for the fuel pump assembly. I was wondering if anyone had one sitting around or was wrecking an fz. I am located in brisbane but could go for postage if required. cheers,
  19. I

    Aftermarket Exhausts

    Hey guys, So I was just wondering. Will an exhaust stated to be for the Fz6 2011 and 12 fit the Fz6n 2008 models?
  20. F

    urgent question

    Hi, everyone I would like to ask if the center stand/ side stand of FZ600R suit for use in FZ6N??