1. R

    Is this a good deal

    Hey guys, I found a 2009 FZ6 with 15xxx miles on it. It has the naked front end conversion kit, leo vince sbk exhaust, led headlights, never dropped, and only used for commuting. They are asking $2900 for it, is this a good deal?
  2. S

    Relay or splice for fz6n dual LED headlights?

    Hi all, I'm coming back to a dual dominator LED headlight mod I was planning to replace my 6n's single globe. I see much talk around forums recommending use of relays for single to dual headlight projects but I'm wondering if I can splice the two LED together? I read there could be a...
  3. P

    Headlights not working

    I have power to the fuse for the headlights, the turn signals tach and everything else work but the headlight. Anyone have any ideas
  4. P

    Small black box "EP' wired into high beam light???

    HI everyone, new to the forum, just bought a FZ6, second one I've owned, however this one came with a little plastic black wired into the high beam headlight. It has the letters EP on the cover. The bike appears to have stock headlight bulbs and turn signals. Anyone have any ideas? TIA
  5. G

    White / blight headlights

    i want to change the headlights in the FZ6 but not looking to go LED as im not keen on messing around with relays etc. can anyone recomend some blue / white bulbs? thanks
  6. R

    LED Headlights Relay needed?

    I am about to put on 2 27W LED headlights. These things are Super bright. I wonder if I need a relay or if i can just use the stock wires and tap into them. I am also wondering if I could put a dimmer switch on them? I never put a relay on the ones I used on my truck but went right to the...
  7. beatle

    Morimoto Mini H1 retrofit

    Thought I bought the retrofit kit last November, I didn't get around to doing anything with it until now. Our own forum member, FIZZER6, pulled the housing apart, painted the shrouds and reflectors black, mounted the projectors, and sealed them back up. I put the finished product on the bike...
  8. S

    Dominator Style Headlights

    I got the dominator style headlights. I am trying to replace the bulbs. I got two screws on the bottom off, but can't figure out why the lights won't come out of the bowl. Any ideas? Couldn't find anything on google or youtube that details the process...
  9. raja777m

    New rider form Charlotte

    Hi all, I got my 08FZ6, Black, Stock on March 29th 2015, 3200 miles. It came with Yamaha frame sliders, Sierra GPS tracker(needs new subscription), Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag. I'm planning to add/do/mod few things like 1. BD43(to have both the headlights connected to DRL), Thinking of...
  10. raja777m

    Help with new electronics connnections

    Hi all, I'm new to SportBikes in USA. I got my 08FZ6, Black, Stock on March 29th 2015, 3200 miles. I'm planning to add/do/mod few things like 1. BD43(to have both the headlights connected to DRL), Thinking of getting this, do i still need to go for BD43 to run both the headlights? 2. I'm...
  11. AdamFZ

    Headlights and front indicators failed

    Today on the way home.... IN THE DARK !!!, my headlights, sidelights and front indicators just stopped working. The full beam dash light (blue one) came on and stayed on until the headlights and front indicators just started working again :confused: Rear tail light, brake light and rear...
  12. T

    headlights not working on my 2005 fz6

    Headlights stopped working on my 2005 fz6, low and high beam. Both bulbs and fuse are good, no power at headlights. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. M

    WTB Naked conversion headlight

    Just got hit by a car. Hit and run. I've already replaced the headlights and front fairing with stock before. Looking to do a naked conversion. Starting off with the headlights.
  14. GlenSmith

    Inop Headlights

    First, low beam worked but high beam didn't. Then high beam went out to. Changed the bulbs (even though they didn't look burned out) and still nothing. Changed the fuse next (even though it still looked good) still nothing. Headlights still don't work :( What's next to check? Chaffed wiring...
  15. srichterSS

    HID high/low beam help

    I've been working on getting a good set of HID projectors. I just got this kit Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit (H1) - Complete Retrofit Kits from The Retrofit Source Inc It came with a relay harness that only supported low beams but the housings have the solenoid flap so I figure itd...