1. Fz6 2007

    Cut Harness 2007 fz6 code 19

    Code 19 after attempted theft, rewired the harness and bypassed side stand switch . I have cleared at diagnosis 62 after , but still coming back...cranks but no fire .. anybody got a wiring diagram for this ? thanks ... any ideas...
  2. chunkygoat

    Error Code 43 Question

    Hey guys, its been a while. Hope all is well for everybody! I've slowed down in recent years, but the fizz is approaching 50,000 miles and just reached her 10 year birthday! Joy :) Anyway, I've had some the other day where the bike shut off at a stop light on me. I tried to start it...
  3. gtosteve65

    Looking for a mirror

    Hi all. Yesterday the gate closed on my bike and I when the wind decided to whip it shut. The bike and I survived minus the left side mirror. Anyone got one for sale? I need it for a 2008 FZ6. My zip code is 11710. Thanks!
  4. H

    Error Code 33 - Replace ECU?

    Hi gents Posting here for the first time because my 2007 FZ6-S2 started showing error code 33 and it has been tricky to resolve. Symptoms / Causes: I'm still able to start my bike and ride. However only able to ride distances below 12 - 14km. If I ride any distance beyond 12 to 14km, bike...
  5. FinalImpact

    Are you near the path? 2017 Solar Eclipse - Totality

    Looks like the 2017 Eclipse will be near. Lots of hype about our state increasing head count by 25% and well, our infrastructure is not going to handle this so well. Without moving an inch I'll be in 99.94% totality... Hopefully power and others nice to have things keep working but I can...
  6. FinalImpact

    ECUnleashed promo code

    Its a bit late now but I found this in the spam folder. That said, last year they extended it a full month so all of December was covered. If they do it again I'll update. Not that anyone left with an FZ wants to hotrod it... lol (Paste email) ---------- Forwarded message ----------...
  7. Cloggy

    My bike suddenly died on me.

    On Friday I had riden to my work and back, had a bite to eat and then I was going on a ride with a group of riders (well actually I had organised it). Anyway on my way to the start location my bike just seemed to die, it lost a lot of power, the engine warning light came on and when I let it...
  8. lytehouse

    Hasbro Toy coupon

    As an employee, I was given the okay to share this with my friends and (forum) family :) enter promo code HOLIDAYFF at checkout Welcome to HasbroToyShop

    Bike would not crank, fault code 12

    So rode just less than 5 minutes away to a store, and when I got back on my bike to leave, the bike would not crank. Just the red oil light would stay on, no fault code at the beginning. The fuel pump came on, because I heard it. I wiggled my engine cutoff switch multiple times, but it's a...
  10. F

    Autotune is throwing code 43 and 46 and causing pump to prime continuously.

    When I have my autotune connected to my power commander v, the fuel pump continues to prime. It starts throwing code 43 and 46. I've tried different combinations and it always does this as soon as I connect the autotune. It's really odd because it never did that beforehand. Is it possible my...
  11. FZSexy

    Error Code 19 :(

    Hi guys... Before I go further let me say I am a COMPLETE mechanical n00b. And I break things so need some confidence inspiring post if i go further into checking. I also want to say I searched the forums and have done some minor testing. Which has led me here, to make this thread. You know...
  12. Falcon1220

    Check engine light

    :confused: 2006 FZ6 Yesterday on my way home while driving in stop and go traffic, the check engine light came on while driving around 50km/h. Not just flassing but solid. I slowed down and it went out. Speed up to 50 or more and the CHL came back on. Stayed off while at standstill at trafic...