1. L

    Chasis / Frame screws

    Hi everyone. My bike is missing one of the two head screws, the one on the upper steering bearing. Maybe someone has one screw of those? They are security torx.
  2. Jacknife91

    Frame and engine colors

    So I'm looking at purchasing another FZ6 from someone. They have listed it as a 2006. The frame, and swing arm are black like the 2006's, but the engine block is the aluminum/silver color like the older models. I'm assuming it's a replacement engine, but is there a possibility someone could...
  3. J

    Help me ID and replace a frame slider

    Noticed one of the "caps" on my frame slider is missing. I am the third owner so have no idea what these are. Tried searching on Ebay but no luck. I have 2 pics, one with the blue cover and one without. Where can I order the cover for the other one. Excuse picture quality, dropped my phone...
  4. swedespeed

    Does anyone know the purpose of this part?

    Does it serve another purpose other than covering the frame?
  5. twobob1

    Found a frame cap for cheap..

    Hi all, for people who need a frame cap I ordered and fitted 45mm plastic tube cap with great success, its only £1 free postage uk and they fit the right hand side hole nicely just need pushing in a bit and they stay there and I think look miles better than the hole and nut even though its...
  6. A

    2004 FZ600 Frame Wanted - Clean or Salvage Title

    Hello all, just picked up another wrecked 2004 FZ600, just wondering if anyone has a clean title frame they are willing to sell? Heck, these bikes are so great I would even go through the work to build one off a salvage title. If anyone has a frame they want to or can part with please let me...
  7. O

    The phoenix rises!

    After high-siding my FZ6N race bike @ 110km p/hr, nearly 4 months ago, today she was back on track! I decided to fix it instead of parting it out. 2003 R6 forks, calipers and Dako adapter kit. New YSS rear shock. New Dunlop race tyres. front wheel straightened and trued up. $45...
  8. L

    2007 FZ6S statutory write off for sale Sydney inner west

    Hi All, my partners 2007 FZ6S was sadly written off after a friend crashed it on the Snowy Ride. The damage is mostly cosmetic around the fairing, headlights etc. The engine, frame, forks, tyres, wheels are all good. It would make a fun track bike or for parts. I guess if you had a frame with a...
  9. RPF

    partially cracked frame at slider

    My used 07 FZ6 has a hairline crack just above the right side slider that does not appear to go all the way across the member. Obviously it happened when the previous owner dropped it or went down. I wonder how concerned I should be about this. My use is limited mostly to in-town and I don't...
  10. O

    Highsided the **** out of FZ6 while racing..

    I`ve come full circle. Had an FZ6-S as my first step up bike, 4 years ago. Sold it and regretted it ever since. My road registered bike is now a K1 GSX-R 1000.. uncomfortable as ****, but crazy awesome power. 6 months ago I purchased a race ready, 2006 FZ6-N, Ex - Yamaha cup, minus the pimp...
  11. KB2WYL

    Best thing for restoring black on engine casing, frame, and plastics?

    What does everyone else out there use with good success? Looking to shine up the bike. I've tried the peanut oil trick on the plastics, and it works well, but doesn't last. I've never found much for the powder coating on the engine and frame. Anyone else have luck with any products...
  12. D

    Cracked Frame + Two engine bolts out

    Hello, last week I was in a rear end collision where I hit a smart car head on. Frame on left side cracked, engine mount with slider still intact but the bolt by the radiator on left side came off (threads still intact). On right side: Bolt is nonexistent-threads intact on motor but the motor...
  13. D

    2004 FZ6-complete bike with frame damage. Great for part out / project $1000 (NYC)

    2004 FZ6-complete bike with frame damage. Great for part out / project $1400 (NYC) Hey guys, I live in Manhattan and park on the street without a garage so a part out would be difficult but I have a 2004 yamaha with a cracked frame and front fairing damage (one headlight is still good) for...
  14. E

    F/S 2009 Yamaha FZ6 - Awesome condition

    Went a new direction with bikes so selling my FZ6, I bought the bike at 10,000 km and all miles after that have been put on by me using it for trips and country rides. its now at 73,000 km (45,000 miles) All touring related mods: Heavy weighted Stainless Steel Bar ends...
  15. TownsendsFJR1300

    Helmet Lock Bracket, Electrical Outlet(s), Radiator/Fan Guard F/S

    As requested by several members, I’ve put together several farkles for the FZ. Helmet lock bracket: The bracket fits the right side of all 04-09 FZ’s (or any bike with a 1", or 25mm tube frame). It uses a Yamaha lock assembly, part # 4R8-21308-01-00. This lock assembly can be re-keyed to...
  16. TownsendsFJR1300

    Helmet Lock Brackets for all 04-09 models

    I designed and manufactured these to attach a Yamaha helmet lock onto all S1 bikes (with NO helmet locks) or to add a lock to the S2. The brackets simply clamp around the right side of the frame. Clear, helicopter tape wraps around the frame to prevent marring, no mods. The Yamaha lock part...
  17. O

    Snapped Frame/Motor mount. Weld, replace, or sell?

    About a month ago I bought a 2006 fz6. Looked great, rode great, i checked oil, forks, air filter, etc all before buying. Everything checked out. I even checked the frame for cracks because I knew about the issue with frame sliders snapping the frame. The only explanation I can come up with for...
  18. icecool988

    broken off bolt inside frame slider mounting spot

    So i was always wondering why the used bike i bought only had one frame slider, got around to ordering a pair recently, and found out that the previous owner broke off a bolt inside there. any ideas to get it out, and even if i did i dont see that being able to be retapped for a bigger bolt...
  19. Parkypine

    ISO: Mirrors and frame sliders for 2007 FZ6

    As the title says, looking for right side mirror and frame sliders for my FZ6. Thanks!
  20. N

    S1 and S2 frame question? HELP

    Looking to know if there is a difference from the 04-06 to the 07 08 frames. It seems they carry different part numbers. Im looking to purchase a frame on ebay for my 08 Fz6 and swap all of my parts swing arm suspension breaks everything onto that frame. most of them are 05 or 06 but i cant...