1. C

    2006 Fz6 part out

    Hey all, Here in the south sound of WA, I am parting out my 06 FZ6. Tried swapping 07 engine in, doesn't match. Given up and gonna part her out. I have the original engine in pieces. Had 60k miles on it. 07 engine has less than 20k miles. XChain has maybe 2k miles on it. Tank has small dent...
  2. fz6bk

    Blown Engine Come Back

    I had posted back in April seeking help after losing power suddenly on the highway. That post was accidentally deleted. Observations among other things were badly burned spark plugs. The electrodes were just gone. It's amazing that it ran as long as it did. I suspected it was running...
  3. R

    FZ6 s1 <-> s2 engine compatibility (both 2007)

    I recently bought an FZ6s1 in nice shape but with a lot of mileage on it. I'd like to have the bike a long time and came across someone selling an s2 engine with very low mileage (and also a colour I prefer :rolleyes: ) Does anyone know how much of a headache or even possibility there is...

    It’s gone, I sold my FZ6!

    Had the bike for about 13;years. With over 106k miles, I made enough memories to last me a lifetime. I just didn’t ride it enough plus the bike needed repairs so I sold it for $700. With a naked conversion kit and some work, the bike could look almost brand new in my opinion. The engine was...
  5. Cra1g

    Bike just smells...hot?

    Just bought an 07 FZ6 and knew going into it that the underseat exhaust makes the legs a bit more toasty than other bikes, but whenever I park it after a ride, it just smells...hot. Maybe a burning smell, but I don't know how to describe it. It doesn't smell like burning oil or coolant or...
  6. V

    engine cuts out

    So, what would cause the engine to completely cut out when riding? Riding on interstate at about 80 and the engine just died like fuel was either cut off, or the ignition turned off. Power was fine till then, and it came back. I wasnt able to replicate it. So I am not sure what check out. Any...
  7. R

    Cylinder Head

    I'll try to make it short can I use an 08 head on my 06 engine? If not what changed between Late 04-09
  8. M

    Sputtering only at full temp

    Looking for a bit of help here. I ride my 2006 FZ6 as my daily commuter. Over the past couple of months it has developed a shutter/sputter/miss at low RPM (1000-2300), but only when the engine is up to normal temp. Most of the time I only notice it near the end of my 15 minute commute, but it...
  9. A

    Fz6 2004 check engine light 2 cyl. working

    Hi, I was riding today my FZ6 2004 and my check engine light went on, and bike started working on two cylinders. I stopped turned it off waited few mins started it and it was working normally, then it happened two more times. I did the diagnostics and following faults numbers occured: 13 15...
  10. D

    Ticking/winding noise when decelerating

    Sorry if i am posting in the wrong area's (Or to much), anyhow, Hey everyone! New member here. I am having a strange issue. My 2005 FZ6 is making a noise like the ones in this forum: https://www.600riders.com/forum/fz6-technical/56173-fz6-2006-knokcing-sound-when-rpms-go-down.html There...
  11. N

    FZ6 S2 (2008) engine vibration

    Hello guys, There are numerous threads about engine vibration on this forum, I went through them and unfortunately I could not find a solution. So, to start off, I've recently bought an FZ6 S2 2008 (American version) that had only 2000 km on the odometer (the mileage is real). For the...
  12. Jacknife91

    Frame and engine colors

    So I'm looking at purchasing another FZ6 from someone. They have listed it as a 2006. The frame, and swing arm are black like the 2006's, but the engine block is the aluminum/silver color like the older models. I'm assuming it's a replacement engine, but is there a possibility someone could...
  13. Paul Myrus

    Engine sound??

    Hey folks, I guess its always been there since I got bike, quick question, when my bike is idling (fz6 2006) there is a very faint ringing very faint coming from the engine I think. I was just out on a ride there so thought I'd post this an see if anyone ever heard this from their bike. There...
  14. I

    List of Motorcycle that require the least amount of maintenance

    Hi guys could you help me figure out which bikes require the least amount of major maintencae, such as valve adjustsments? The Fz6 was my favorite bike I wanted but the fact that it required the valves to be check roughly every 25k miles definetly help me not look at Aprilia and Ducati. I was...
  15. J

    Trouble starting bike: Issues with engine cut off/ignition?

    I've noticed recently my 05 FZ won't turn over when hitting the ignition switch (although the dashboard lights up). I usually just flip the engine cut off back and forth and then hit ignition and that usually does the trick but it seems to be getting worse. I know first thought is battery but...
  16. T

    "New" FZ6 looking for front fairings and odd and ends

    I just picked up an 05 FZ6 that will replace my current daily (1985 SP600). I am going for fuel economy and general commuting stuff so I am not too worried about aesthetics and such. I will even consider buying damaged fairings. Anyway, the parts that appear to be missing is the front fairing...
  17. V

    the engine stops at the traffic light

    Hi, the FZ6 engine stops at the traffic light quite often. I try to change / set idle speed. Unfortynately it helps shortly. the engine speed changes themselves - faster - slower
  18. T

    Engine Timing appears to be off (stretched timing chain?)

    Hello FZ6 community. I was doing a bunch of back logged maintenance today, which included valve clearance checks. While doing this I wanted to check the timing. I've had suspicions about this being a possible issue since my bike has been not running right for a while now. Please check out these...
  19. MIJ_FZ6

    Arching / Rattling sound when accelerating - sound like its coming from the stator

    I've noticed this sound since I got the bike - 09 with 4K miles, especially when leaning the bike to the right. Do not hear it when leaning the bike to the left (left handle bar towards the pavement). I'm not sure if it is getting louder or I'm just starting to notice it more. I installed the...
  20. A

    R6 engine

    Hey all, been a while since i posted, still riding my 2nd Fazer but came badly unstuck and need advice please. Chain came off at about 80km/h, took out the mount for the front sprocket cover, plus a 6cm hole on the side of the block. I tried using pratley steel to cover it up but the engine...