1. T

    Please help me judge

    This is the water pump impeller. The shaft core is rusty, and the contact location is the mechanical shaft seal. Should I replace it? Or can it still be used after polishing and plating?
  2. D

    Need Help FZ6 Fix/Rebuild To FZ6N

    Howdy Folks! Long time Rider & Reader, First time Poster A Bit about my situation: I bought an FZ6 (2004) back in 2017. It had some light work done, but it ran great and I loved it. I've had a ton of fun with it, and never had any real issues. Near the End of this summer (2020) some folks...
  3. V

    Speedometer Microcracks

    Old speedometer on 2005 fz6. I made the mistake of pressing to hard on it to clean, and now its hard to see the revs, read the mileage, still totally possible , but less so when moving. Looking for a cheap fix. Sure I could buy a full speedo replacement via ebay, but that comes with its own...
  4. seanalan329

    Replaced my '06 engine with a '07. Feels good to be back on the road.

    When I bought my bike 5 years ago the seller neglected to inform me of a very serious issue. I posted about it when I found out, but basically I’m guessing the chain came off on the previous owner and took a chunk out of the engine. There was an attempt to fix it by the last guy with some JB...
  5. G

    adjust steering

    hey i did a lil crash with my buike i fixed it as new but i have a problem my handlebar does not match the front wheel direction how i can fix this the handle bar is new not bent
  6. J

    Bike sounds like its gargling mouthwash

    hello guys. this is my first post ! i have a 2005 fz6 it has been lacking power and sounds funny kinda like a miss. so i replaced the spark plus thinking one was missing but it didnt seam to fix my problem. i have no idea what it is and how to fix it. thanx guys
  7. R

    Blue S2 Fairing

    Unfortunately, a friend's girlfriend backed over my bike. The damage is not extreme but my fairing, bar end, and frame slider are all slightly damaged. She has agreed to fix the bike. Does anyone have a fairing for an S2 that I could purchase?
  8. gnyce

    what would you do - 83 honda nighthawk

    Long-story short, a buddy/neighbor of mine ended up with a (free) 1983 Honda Nighthawk CB650SC. While he intended to keep/fiddle with, his spousal-unit vetoed that plan - which is where I come in. He offered it to me to 'fix up' or do anything (within reason) I wanted to. How to be honest, my...
  9. S

    Headlight relay

    Can anybody give me the part number for the headlight relay? Mine stopped working a while back so I installed a jumper in the wire and bypassed it, I no longer have the relay though and am thinking about selling/trading my bike so I want to fix it right.
  10. T

    FZ6 Gas Tank - Leaks from Overflow

    I have a red FZ6 gas tank off a 2007. It leaks from overflow tubes but holds at least 1/2 tank. Was contemplating trying to fix it but just bought a new tank. Before I throw it out, I thought maybe someone here can use it for something or fix it for their own bike. Only will to do a...
  11. G

    Running on 2 Cylinders, What to Do?

    My 2004 FZ6 switched to 2 cylinders last Friday at the end of my commute home. I saw both fault codes 33 and 34. I replaced the plugs and did the "vibration fix" repair to the spark plug boots, and it was great all week until cutting back to 2 again halfway through my way to work yesterday. Like...
  12. dbldutch02

    Firefox issue?

    In the last few days the site has been behaving oddly on my pc, running Firefox. As soon as a page finishes loading it goes back to the previous page, really weird, and it's only this site that does it. Can anyone replicate this bug? And more to the point, can anyone fix it? Typing on the...
  13. P

    Front brake lever floppy/brake light always on

    So I noticed this problem today, my front brake lever isn't 'resetting' itself. There is a push rod in a metal boot that seems like it should be providing more spring force than it is to push the brake lever all the way out. It isn't a problem with actually braking, but it is making my brake...
  14. FZSexy

    Dealer / Independent Service?

    Hi Guys... Just wondering what is the consensus here about the bike and servicing / repairs concerning dealers and indie garages? Seems since this is a forum lot's of DIYers come here for help and advice to varying degrees of success. Many if not most get what they are looking for, but for...
  15. warthogcrewchief

    Crankcase Repair and Clutch Adventures

    I bought my '05 FZ6 a few months ago for a good deal. It has 45,000 miles, but runs well. Unfortunately, I didn't see the crankcase repair done with JB Weld (which was seeping). After a more thorough inspection, I found the jacked up repair (with a quarter in it for good luck). I appears...
  16. M

    Speedo/Tacho not working

    Hi guys, My speedo and tacho on my bike aren't working. Neutral light is on and everything else (light, blinkers horn etc) is all working. Checked the fuses and they are all right. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this before I take it to a bike shop? Thank you
  17. Z

    Best fix for abrupt throttle

    There is info in a lot of posts on this forum about the abrupt throttle, and several fixes for it. I however couldn't find a thread which couples all the information together and tells me what the best/most easy fix is for the abrupt throttle. Possible solutions I found: - replacing your...
  18. 52pickup

    Zip ties One, lose caliper 0! Whats in your emergency fix it kit?

    Riding home I some how lost not one but two of the bolt that attach the caliper to the front fork. How I lost the hardware mystifies me. My only warning was a slight bump which qucikly turned into a rattle. I'm no mechanic...and just bought my bike thLis spring so literally everything is new...
  19. Erci

    I've got a loooong way to go

    My friend / coach filmed my sessions on 9/1. I'm happy enough with my body position, but my lines are awful! I'm still having a hard time overcoming street riding approach, where I typically practice delayed apexing. :rolleyes: I know what I need to work on and most of the places where I'm...
  20. V

    Replaced everything but my fz6 wont start

    So let me start with this I picked up the bike for little money its a 2004 FZ6 not running looks like a lot of fun though. I did know that the fuel pump was bad just from looking at it. I pulled the tank removed the rust using electrolosys, replaced the fuel pump, replaced the throttle body...